Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tossing a Few More Photos

I feel justified tossing inherited photos like this one.

This is Grandma L's front yard.  The stump had sentimental value for her because it was made by a live Christmas tree that graced her front room when her kids were . . . well, I'm not sure how old they were, but they were all living with her.  They had live Christmas trees two years in a row and planted them both in the front yard in a time before the street had sidewalks. 
This is, I believe, the tree that wasn't planted with the pot.  There were some casual mentions made about why one of the two trees was so much taller and bushier than the other.  The short one had been stunted for several years until someone got curious enough to go digging and discovered that the poor thing was pot bound. 
I don't mind keeping the story, but (sorry Grandma) I'm not keeping a picture of a sentimental stump.  I've got lots of shots of people standing in front of the actual trees.  That's enough to keep the story in mind. 

OK, Grandma.  You got me.  If you stand one of my kids on the stump, I'll keep that picture.  Well played.