Thursday, March 28, 2013

Postcards. Did I Mention That Political Correctness is a Recent Thing?

I saved a few non-craft things from Grandma L's boxes and boxes.  There were dozens of postcards.  I scanned and tossed most of them.  I'd probably have kept more if most of them hadn't been smudged and faded pencil on dark and yellowing paperboard.  I'll be able to read them better on-screen, once I tweak the contrast.

I did keep four of them, not for the writing on the back, but for the pictures on the front.  This one I though seemed a bit historical. 

I think it's a gateway to Yellowstone.  I'd have to unpack it to be sure, though, and I don't think that would be a good idea.

This one I kept to show what ancient photoshopping looked like.

These postcards are all from between 1903 and 1916.  I wouldn't call them antiques, but they're definitely from a different time.  I mentioned in a previous post that it was a time decades before political correctness.

A good many attitudes were different.  Although some folks would still find this one funny, I suspect.

And some things just had not yet become associated with the things that most people reading this would associate with them now.

Not to mention that there is a larger mental disconnect than there was between postcards and greeting cards. 
(For anyone that isn't aware of the history of the symbol being used to wish the new baby luck and health, wikipedia has a good summary.  The card was sent in 1906, at least 14 years before the Nazi Party started using it and about 25 years before it started to be more strongly associated with them, in most Westerner's minds, that with luck.)
That's the four I kept.  I still haven't gotten through all of the letters.  There were many, many more letters than cards.  The cards were mostly sent by her Father to her Mother, or to her when she was a child.  The letters are mostly to or from her.  
I've thrown away a wastbasketful or two of her letters.  But I won't throw any away without reading them.  Considering the number of pictures that I still need to scan, sort and label, it may be awhile before I get back to them.  
I don't think she'd mind.  She liked her pictures.